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Prostate Cancer - Hope At Last

US $65.00

Breast Cancer - Hope At Last

US $65.00

Atherosclerosis - Hope At Last

US $69.00

Garden Of Eden Longevity Diet

US $59.00


1.Payment by Check or Postal Order ( U.S.A. & Canada )
Mail check/money order in U.S. dollars. Personal Checks must be denominated in U.S. dollarsand drawn
on a U.S. or Canada bank. Checks must have a valid  bank routing number on the bottom of the check.
Please make checks payable to A.V.Costantini, M.D. and AIRMAIL to:

   A.V.Costantini, M.D.        Am Muehlbach 13        79114 Freiburg, Germany

2. Payment by Credit Card: Protect your credit card number by ordering by Phone, Fax or Mail :

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