The subject of the use of vitamins and minerals to prevent human diseases is characterized by nothing less than mass confusion. At one extreme are the advocates for large amounts supplemental vitamins and minerals; at the other extreme one finds considerable hostility to their consumption.

The FUNGALBIONIC data documents the importance of adequate vitamin and mineral intake to prevent the cancerous and degenerative diseases. In order to provide the reader with proof of the value of vitamins and minerals, the pertinent chapters from the "Prevention Of Breast Cancer—Hope At Last" book are reproduced in this book as an Appendix. Once one has read these vitamin and mineral chapters, there can be no doubt remaining as to the value of these nutrients in human health.

However, the question of whether or not a person should supplement his or her diet with vitamins and minerals needs to be answered by each individual. It should be obvious that if one follows the types of recipes presented in the Garden of Eden Longevity Diet, one does not need supplemental vitamins and minerals for these recipes provide a most natural source. On the other hand, persons who are not consuming this longevity-type diet (frequent fish, some naturally grazed meats, "five vegetables a day", some fruit, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) are advised to certainly take supplemental vitamins and minerals.

The vitamin/mineral data relative to breast cancer is applicable to all other cancers and the degenerative diseases. All of these diseases are caused by fungi/mycotoxins; vitamins and minerals are major antifungal and/or antimycotoxin nutrients.

Finally, one can obtain a blood test measuring various vitamin and mineral levels and can then be guided by the results.

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