Chapter 7

A nutritious breakfast is essential for maintaining good health. Skipping breakfast results in excessive hunger in the mid-morning which leads to excessive intake of convenience foods which are usually the most fungal/mycotoxin contaminated. These foods also lack vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which protect against fungi/mycotoxins.

A healthy breakfast should be thought of a day before in order to have proper food available. Some helpful hints follow.

When making any of the recipes found in the Garden of Eden Longevity Diet book, consider using some of the prepared food for breakfast the next day. Almost any dinner food can be cleverly used to make a substantial part of a breakfast meal. This is particularly true of the breads, cakes, cookies, pies, and desserts. Similarly, vegetables left over from the evening meal can be stir fried as a stuffing of a one or two-egg omelet. If there is any mycotoxin in the eggs, the vegetables will go a long way towards neutralizing their toxicity.

A variety of fruits should always be available for the breakfast meal. Bananas are excluded because of their mycotoxin content. Fruits should not be too ripened nor mold-blemished. Sugared cereals should be avoided. Oat cereals are recommended. Soy milk or skim milk should be used.

Yeast bread must be avoided. There are many unleavened bread recipes described in the bread section of this book.


It is interesting to note that the heathy Mediterranean Diet, and equally healthy Oriental Diet, typically includes a warm lunch and dinner rich in pasta or rice, fresh vegetables, fresh fish, or a small amount of fresh meat. Dessert is more often than not fresh fruit.

Such meals are remarkably complete in providing all of the nutrients required for sustaining a healthy body and leading to a natural longevity.

There is a minimal amount of processed foods found in these meals. "Fast foods" are not a part of these traditional diets but are rather a part of the fast lanes of the super highways leading to an early demise.

The problem of having traditional-type balanced meals, particularly lunch, is quite complex. There is neither sufficient time nor available fresh foods and accessible cooking facilities to prepare such meals for those who live and work in the industrialized nations.

It starts with trying to provide a portable lunch for young children going off to school. What else can they carry other than sandwiches made with bread and processed meats or peanut butter and jam. Add to the sandwich a sweet and fatty dessert and one now has all the elements for a nutritional disaster. The same applies to adults who "brown bag it" or rush into their favorite fast food establishment.

The solution to this serious nutritional problem is as simple as this; create an image of the foods naturally found in the Garden Of Eden and plan your food purchasing and meal preparation accordingly.

Once again, yeast bread must be avoided. Use the many unleavened bread recipes described in the bread section of this book.

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